The recent Covid-19 pandemic has radically changed our lives. It is our duty to show respect to fellow human beings and responsibility by faithfully following the instructions of the World Health Organization and the Greek government.

In the current circumstances, with the main concern of the trust and safety of our customers for the health safety of our accommodation and following faithfully the instructions of the ministry, we have made all the necessary modifications and have issued relevant instructions regarding all services we provide.

The staff is trained in compliance with the protocol and the individual protocols and complies with the basic safeguards against COVID-19.

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Heat measurement of staff in each shift both at the entrance and exit of the hotel.

μore frequent disinfection in the areas where the team of Elektra Hotel works.

μandatory use of mask for all staff.

Check out until 11:00 while check in is transferred at 15:00 in order to thoroughly clean and ventilate the rooms.

Removal of non-essential and decorative items (eg magazines, brochures). Also all refrigerators & minibars should be empty. It is possible to place products after the customer wishes.

You should inform us if you want daily cleaning of the room, since according to the operating protocols we are obliged not to do this on a daily basis.

The staff use a face mask and gloves and follow all safety protocols.

Buffet breakfast is served exclusively by staff.

Maximum number of people per table is 6 people.