Mytikas is a seaside village and is only 18 km from Paleros.

It is located on a pointed ledge of the land towards the Ionian Sea. The village is located in an area rich in vegetation and with beaches of turquoise waters. Throughout its history it has been an anchorage and a port. This role gave it a commercial and transit character and from an early age it supplied products to the neighboring island of Kalamos and the surrounding area. Mytikas is essentially divided into two villages, the old settlement with the traditional market and the new settlement that was created with the relocation of the community of Panagoula.

It is worth visiting and admiring the houses which are literally watered by the sea and walking on the main paved road that connects the entrance of the village with the port admiring the well-preserved mansions, with the traditional architecture. In the traditional taverns you can enjoy amazing fish appetizers and seafood. Do not forget to try traditional sweets and ice cream.

Do not forget to visit the islands of Kalamo and Kasto by boat.

The church of Agia Eleousa is built on a rock, on the mountain. The view of Mytikas will be unforgettable.

For lovers of climbing, the mountains around the settlement are walkable and can give a satisfying experience to amateurs, since with moderate difficulty you can conquer some of their peaks. In fact, the incredible view rewards you!