Beaches are the trademark of Paleros and can satisfy even the most demanding visitors.

Starting with the beach of Paleros, you can enjoy your swim overlooking Lefkada, Scorpio and Meganisi. Along the beach there are taverns and cafes with sunbeds.

The endless sandy beach Potamaki is ideal for families with children, as the waters are shallow enough for several meters from the shore. Along the beach you will find organized beach bars. The beach overlooks the Akarnanian mountains and the Ionian islands.

The beach of Ai Giannis with the church resembles an island. It is an idyllic cove with crystal clear waters and pebbles. It is considered a quiet beach and is an ideal destination for couples.

Varko beach is a picturesque cove with clear blue waters and pebbles that in summer is flooded by sailboats.

Vathiavali beach is the most beautiful beach in the prefecture of Aitoloakarnania. With clear blue and crystal waters reminiscent of an exotic beach. It became a pole of attraction for celebrities, as they stop with their boats and yachts to swim. The beach also has a beach bar. It is no coincidence that for years now it has been the secret of sailors.

On the road towards Mytikas, you will find the organized beach of Paliourias. The water that comes out of the springs, makes the water quite cold.

For lovers of excursions, the beaches of Lefkada are a unique experience.

We start with the most famous beach of Lefkada, Porto Katsiki. A vast beach with small pebbles that shimmer under the light of the Lefkada sun while the white vertical rocks create an imposing landscape. It is no coincidence that every year it is included in the best beaches of the Mediterranean, Europe and the world. The beach is located 45 km from the town of Lefkada.

The incomparable beauty of Egremnoi beach in Lefkada, made it one of the most beautiful and well-publicized landscapes in the world. The water that surrounds the beach is clear, blue-green and offers one of the best conditions for swimming in Europe. However, after the earthquake of 2015, access to the beach is exclusively by boat.

Kathisma is 15 km from the town of Lefkada and is a vast, sandy, fully organized beach. Its beach bars have made it an attraction for young people and those who like loud music and crowds. You can easily reach by car as there is a large parking lot on the beach. For lovers of extreme sports, there is the opportunity to try the paragliding and enjoy the incredible view flying over the beach and the turquoise waters.

Very close to the village of Kalamitsi, there are 3 wonderful beaches: Avali, Kavalikefta and Megali Petra. Avali beach has the characteristic blue color and is covered by coarse sand and tiny white pebbles. The sea is deep and there are usually big waves. There are no sunbeds or umbrellas on the beach, so you should go organized. Kavalikefta beach is a small pebble beach with many pieces of rocks scattered on the shore and the sea. The deep water around the shore allows the jump from the pieces of rocks. On the beach there is a small cafe that rents sunbeds and umbrellas.

The beach of Megali Petra is a picturesque beach with blue water and imposing rocks behind it as well as with scattered pieces of rocks along the coast. Access to the beach requires a short hiking trail. If you visit the beach remember to get an umbrella of water and food as the beach is not organized.