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Paleros, also known as Zaverda (name until 1928) belongs to the municipality of Aktio-Vonitsa and is a seaside town by the Ionian Sea. The charming Paleros is famous for the beaches that become a pole of excitement during the summer months by Greek and foreign tourists. Vathiavali, Ai - Giannis, Potamaki are some of the most famous beaches.


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Beaches are the trademark of Paleros and can satisfy even the most demanding visitors.


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Lefkada is the fourth largest island of the Ionian Islands. It is 30 km (25 minutes) from Paleros.


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The city of Preveza is located at the southern area of Epirus. The island character of the city testifies that Preveza is part of the continental motif


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Vonitsa is a coastal town, built on the south side of the Amvrakikos gulf at an altitude of 10 meters and the main city of Aktio-Vonitsa municipality.


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Mytikas is a seaside village and is only 18 km from Paleros.


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Monastiraki belongs to the Municipality of Aktio Vonitsa and is located at the north-western area of the Αιtoloakarnania’s prefecture, in the province of Xiromero, 18 km from Paleros, at an altitude of 340 meters in the Akarnanian mountains.


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