Monastiraki belongs to the Municipality of Aktio Vonitsa and is located at the north-western area of the Αιtoloakarnania’s prefecture, in the province of Xiromero, 18 km from Paleros, at an altitude of 340 meters in the Akarnanian mountains.

At the main square of the village you can see the river Kefalovrysos and you can walk on the bridge.

Also, the square is surrounded by traditional cafes and taverns. Plane trees cast their shadow on the paved road and cool the place.

At the entrance of the village, the waterfall of Sepetos, 80 meters high, awaits you with its fairy cave, which is admittedly the most fairytale attraction of the village. Tradition tells the story of a beautiful girl, who when her father forbade her to marry her lover, she jumped from the top of the waterfall. But he was saved by a fairy. When the father saw his daughter surviving, he allowed her to marry the young man that she loved. Since then, visitors wish to see the fairy tale too.

Do not forget to visit the traditional water mill which is still used today for washing woolen weavers. It is worth noting that the water of the water mill comes directly from the Akarnanian Mountains.

Only 3 km away is the small village of Korpi. Korpi is known at Greece for the water that bottled in its factory. There you will find the thermal springs of Korpi having the opportunity to enjoy the water directly from its source against the background of the green of the trees.