1. Walking in Paleros: many tourists choose to discover the local lifestyle on foot. Walk by the sea or relax in on café or traditional tavernas.
  2. For the food lovers, Monastiraki village is the perfect destination with traditional tavernas and delicious meat based menus.
  3. Hiking to Saint Dimitrios monastery and the ancient city of Kechropoula.
  4. Cycling the coast line to Pogonia and Mytikas villages.
  5. Scuba diving and watersports. You can rent a boat or a jet ski and visit isolated beaches. Do not forget to visit islands Kalamos, Kastos and the famous Scorpios.
  6. Kite surfing σε διάσημες και οργανωμένες παραλίες της Λευκάδας, όπως για παράδειγμα ο Άγιος Ιωάννης.
  7. Kite surfing in the famous beaches at Lefkada.
  8. Hiking to Nidri waterfalls.
  9. Visiting Lefkadas’s mountain villages.
  10. Daily boat tour to Meganisi and Lefkadas’s beaches.
  11. Fishing
  12. Sailing: you can rent a chartered yacht and sail among beautiful clusters of Ionian Islands, anchor in naturally protected bays of rare beauty, to visit inaccessible beaches and to swim with safety in exceptionally clear and transparent waters.
  13. Visit the Sepetos waterfall in Monastiraki village and the fairy-cave
  14. Visit the venetican castle of Vonista village and the Koukoumitsa island